Foldyne Research International combines over 50 years of science and technology experience in one team. We support pharmaceutical companies in need for quick and cost-effective new molecular entities for indications with validated molecular targets that currently can not be controlled effectively by any solution effector or inhibiting compound.

In order to guarantee quality results we maintain a limit of serving maximal 5 customers simultaneously. Our unique and optimized workflow requires focus and expert attention, meaning that we do not stretch out our efforts above a selected group of customers.


Foldyne Research International engages with customers who are in search of quick results and  demand the winning compound for a validated target in a specific disease pathway. If sufficient experimental structure of the target is readily available, a project is likely feasible and we initiate our compound search procedure. If you need more information on how we can support you in entering new products in your value chain then contact us in advance of requesting a quotation.

Our acceptance criteria to agree on a research engagement are:

 Readily available drugable target
 Clear objectives
Realistic expectations
Valorisation of speed
Availability of sufficient budget to complete a preclinical phase
Confidential disclosure agreement or propietary information agreement is in place before starting

Our fees range between €10.000 and €50.000 per target modelling and compound design.